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Beer & Box Pairings - Order a Pint and We'll Tell You Which Jerky Of The Month Club You Should Join

Just as not all craft beers are brewed alike, all craft jerky is not cured alike. We've found that beer and jerky actually pairs quite well together! Go ahead, ask our resident bartender for a brewski. He'll serve up a tasty recommendation of jerky to go with your hops.

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

If you ask the bartender for —


You take your beer drinking seriously. You like to chat with the bartender and sample a few before making a choice. You'll notice the "extra hops" and how a particularly "heady" that tap is. Sure, your date may not know that you're talking about, but you're trying to impress the brewmaster more anyway. Quality over quantity, always.

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Anything 'Lite'

If you ask for a Bud Light, Miller Light, or Michelob Ultra, then you want to live your life without added fuss. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! You're a regular at the corner pub, where everybody knows your name — and your order. You don't waste time worrying about calories or ABV, and certainly don't want surprise ingredients. Once you find something good, that fits your lifestyle, you'll be loyal until the end of time.

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Gose or Sour

It's one thing to try a sour beer. It's another thing to order a whole pint. If you're daring enough to try this unique brand of brew, then yours is a life of adventure. You rarely make plans in advance, spontaneity is much more fun. You've probably attempted bouldering or off-road cycling. You wish your friends could keep up, but not everyone is a natural-born risk-taker.

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Porter or Stout

Beer-drinkers who order a stout are dedicated. You understand the value of commitment. You immerse yourself in all that you do. Whether you insist on ordering a Guinness when within earshot of an Irish brogue, or understand that a pint of porter is basically dinner in a glass, you're in it for the long haul. Mama didn't raise a quitter. This stout is your cheat meal, and that's fine by you.

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Oktoberfest or Pumpkin Beer

Either you're still in your twenties or willing to take a chance when it comes to your tastebuds. Pumpkin and beer are an unlikely pair that have become a delightful hallmark of autumn. And, well, Oktoberfest — if you're lucky enough to remember your first, then you're destined to repeat those boozy shenanigans.

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Plot twist! You care far too much about your fitness goals to invest in empty calories. Your drink of choice is not a beer, but a spirit. Whisky is certainly a fan-favorite, but any top-shelf liquor will do. Straight or on the rocks. No mixers. And certainly no added sugar - that would be ridiculous.

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