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Keto Jerky Subscription

Get a Monthly Delivery of Keto-Friendly Jerky

The low-carb life isn't always easy. Sure, we love any meal plan that keeps cheese in the mix, but let's be honest — you can only eat eggs so many ways. And the smell of another hardboiled midday snack may quickly turn you into the office outcast.

But you don't need to abandon your fitness plan or settle for another chalky nutritional shake to hit your macro goals. With our low-carb jerky box, Craft Jerky Co delivers a delicious, protein-packed snack that won't leave you hangry or ruin your keto streak.

Low Carb ≠ Low Flavor

Too often low-carb snacks taste like, well... low-carb snacks. But reaching your fitness goals doesn't mean sacrificing the spice of life! We offer keto-friendly jerky in an assortment of bold flavors - not the same old dried, salt and pepper meats. Each delivery is a superset of delicious artisanal jerky (minus the burpees).

A Beefy Composition

You have high standards, and so do we — Craft Jerky Co doesn't settle for anything less than our personal best. Our low-carb, low-sugar jerky isn't just keto-friendly, it's made with the highest quality ingredients. No additives, no artificial preservatives, no surprises. Just 100% premium beef that delivers results.

Every Month, On The Month

Every fitness junkie knows that the key to success is variety and routine. And when it comes to high-quality snacking, we'll never let you plateau. Each month Craft Jerky Co delivers a curated box of keto-friendly jerky under 5g of carbohydrates, in a variety of flavors that pack a punch.

    Every box contains a high-flavor, high-protein batch of premium craft jerky that will help you crush your fitness goals, refuel after a midday slump, and HIIT the ground running without sacrificing your low-carb lifestyle.

    A Gourmet Jerky Adventure

    This club will introduce you to some of the best tasting keto jerky flavors. Every month we offer different tastes and experiences, so you never get bored. It's is a little piece of guilt-free pleasure, and a great way to try rich, bold flavors.

    What's Included:

    • A New Low-Carb Surprise Every Month

    • 6 bags of artisan craft jerky packs of low-carb, low-sugar beef with bold flavors that are 100% delicious and 100% keto-friendly

    This box is perfect for:

    • Conscious Carnivores

    • Meat-lovers.

    • Fitness junkies.

    • Healthy snackers.

    • Anyone who wants their keto sticks to stay dark purple.

    This box is not perfect for:

    • Sugar Fanatics.

    • People who like highly processed, artificial jerky.

    • High-carb dieters.

    • Cows

    Add A Gift Note:

    Buying for someone else? Add your personalized note at checkout, and we will send your note in the package, along with an email letting them know who sent the gift. Because friends don't let friends eat bad jerky. Or skip leg day.


    Join or gift a membership today, and start discovering unique jerky flavors you might not otherwise be able to get your hands on.

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