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Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have a jerky that was infused with alcohol? I mean, why not just have some tasty and salty meat combined with the taste of beer or whiskey? Well, if you're anything like us then this booze infused beef jerky is your dream come true.

Alcohol-Infused Jerky: The Best of Both Worlds.

The idea of combining alcohol and jerky may seem strange to some at first, but our unique curation is sure to make a believer out of you. All products use only the finest beef cuts, cured with premium liquor that will make your taste buds tingle and satisfy any cravings you might have at the same time. One bite and the flavors in your mouth will be partying harder than the Roman god of wine pre-gaming Oktoberfest.

Need to Spice Up Your Charcuterie Game? This is the Box for You.

What do you get when you combine a love of charcuterie and alcohol? A one-of-a-kind experience. If you love adventurous charcuterie and alcohol tastings, this is the box for you. Every month we throw in different, new and unique alcohol infused jerky snacks. This helps keep your taste buds from getting bored with any one flavor too quickly.

All the Flavor, No Hangover

We've sampled a large variety of cured meats infused with beer, whiskey, tequila, bourbon, and wine jerkies to deliver a perfectly curated blend of flavors that will intoxicate your tastebuds. With this much flavor, you’ll think your mouth just caught a plane to New Orleans on Fat Tuesday. It's deliciously intoxicating ... without the hangover.

What’s Included?

• 6 varieties of meaty goodness that's been infused with various different types of liquor

• new and different interesting varieties like: Bourbon BBQ, Kentucky Bourbon Pepper, Jack Daniels Smoked Paprika, Apple Pie Moonshine, Pecan Bourbon Bacon, and many more.

Join over 500+ boozy jerky lovers and start tasting classic flavors like beer, wine, whiskey infused jerky; and even more unique flavors like Jack Daniels Smoked Paprika, Apple Pie Moonshine, and even Pecan Bourbon Bacon. You won’t be disappointed.

If You Want to Give the Gift of Boozy Jerky, This is What You're Looking For.

Give the gift of Craft Jerky Co to your friends and family. It's perfect for birthday gifts, celebrations, wine connoisseurs, craft beer drinkers, whiskey snobs, adventurous taste buds, boozy foodies, and that friend who just loooooooves the bottomless mimosas at brunch (ya'll know who I'm talking about).

Add A Gift Note

Just add your personalized note at checkout. We'll include your note in the package, along with an email letting them know who to thank for expanding their edible horizons. Our booze-infused jerkygram is the perfect gift for any beer-tasting, bourbon-sipping, wine-swirling meat lover in your life!


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