Father's Day Solved — The Only Two Gifts You Need To Know

You've searched the internet high and low for the perfect Father's Day gift. All of your options from years past just seem silly in 2021 — I mean, most of y'all are barely wearing pants, let alone a tie after the pandemic. Well, don't worry, we have gifts that don't require either!

Take your gift-giving a step further this year by pairing his favorite bottle of whiskey with the ideal jerky gift box. With bold, nuanced flavors complementing each other you're sure to become the favorite child in no time.

booze infused beef jerkygram
Booze Infused Jerkygram

Wait — before we start, is it whisky or whiskey?

The answer is ... yes. Or rather, it depends on what (and where) you're sipping. Whiskey refers to liquors made in the United States or Ireland. But if you're drinking whisky, then that bottle likely comes from Scotland or Canada. Confused yet? Great! We'll keep going.

Now let's talk about single origin and blends.

Single origin — most commonly seen as single malt scotch — means that the whisky was distilled in one batch. No mixing and matching flavors over here. This is liquor in its purest form, and often requires 3+ years of distillation, before distribution. These tend to be a bit heavier in taste and price, but certainly worth it.

Blended — sometimes distillers like to experiment, blending different barrels together to create new tastes. Blended whiskeys tend to have a shorter aging period and are typically much lighter in taste.

Scotch Whisky

Anyone who loves a good scotch, knows how to enjoy the finer things in life. The Scots take their whisky making very seriously (they even have laws in place for distillers to follow!) These malt or grain liquors must age in an oak barrel for at least three years. Because of this lengthy process, it would be borderline disrespectful to add any mixers. No, scotch must be consumed neat or not at all.

Jerky Pairing: Gourmet Beef Jerky Subscription

This man accepts deserves nothing less than top-shelf. A nice bottle of aged scotch and a premium jerky box subscription are the to his heart.

beef jerky subscription box


Bourbon or Rye Whiskey

These American spirits have different ingredients but the same distillation process. While Bourbon is made from at least 51% corn — its counterpart, is made from the same baseline of Rye. Both are aged in new oak barrel, with no particular time limit, and made in the USA. Bourbon tends to be sweet and smooth, whereas Rye whiskey has a bit of a spicy kick.

Jerky Pairing: Hot & Spicy

Whether you want to lean into the heat with a bottle of Rye and a Hot & Spicy Jerky subscription, or gift a more complementary blend of sweet and spicy — either options are sure to transport your dad to a New Orleans-style celebration, filled with bold flavors.

hot and spicy jerky

Irish Whiskey

If you're looking for an oh-so-smooth option, then you're lucky the Irish take time in their whiskey process. This malt-based liquor is aged in wooden casks for no less than three years, and can only be distilled with water or caramel coloring. This tasty, fun whiskey is best served neat or on the rocks.

Jerky Pairing: Booze-Infused

We all remember (or perhaps forgot) that St. Patty's Day gone wild — but the truth is, the Irish know how to throw a good party. The Booze-Infused box is a perfect pairing to a smooth, caramel-finish Irish whiskey.

Father's Day Gift Guide

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Give the gift of jerky to your dad this Father's Day. Just add your personalized note at checkout. We'll include your note in the package, along with an email letting them know who to thank for expanding their edible horizons. While we're certain your dad will thank you, we can't promise that he'll share. (Sorry!)