About Us

Craft Jerky Co

About Us

Craft Jerky Co. is a monthly subscription service that delivers small-batch artisan jerky to your doorstep every month. We work with many of the top artisan jerky companies in America to bring you and your family delicious, high-quality beef jerky right to your doorstep.

What makes these small-batch jerky producers different is that they are not making products for the mass market, but for people like you who care about what they eat and want high-quality food without a bunch of artificial flavorings or fillers.

The Craft Jerky Co Difference

At Craft Jerky Co, we disagree with the current industry standard that has led to declining standards in food safety, animal welfare, and human health. This practice is putting the real artisan jerky producers out of business, and we want to let people know there's another option when it comes to jerky. Buying craft jerky gives lesser-known jerky artisan jerky makers an opportunity to do what they love: create delicious and high-quality products for you, while still being able to earn a living wage for their families.

Mainstream vs Craft Jerky

Mainstream brands will use the cheapest meat and ingredients they can find. They artificially bump up the weight of their products by minimizing real beef protein and maximizing the amount of water and sugar in their products. Even worse, some brands will add so much filler that they actually need to use soy protein to bump up the protein content on the label. Now since you’re just eating water and soy, they have to add artificial coloring to make it look like jerky and then a bunch of artificial flavors to make it edible. We're not sure about you, but we choose not to put that in our body.

Learn More About the Experts Behind Your Jerky

Have you ever wondered where your jerky came from? Who makes it and what their story is? While you can't always visit where your food is made, we think it's important to know who and where your food comes from. And so, every month we interview different artisan jerky makers so you can learn more about them and their unique jerky-making process. You can learn more about the brands by following us on Instagram (@craftjerkyco), reading our blog, or by subscribing to our monthly newsletter.

Our Selection Process

When deciding what jerky to send out in our monthly subscription box, we do a lot of initial research. The choices, however, at the end of the day are up to our subscribers and their feedback. To begin the process, we first start with an interview to get the basics on who they are and how long they've been making jerky. We read all of their reviews. We make sure that the products are produced in a commercial food-grade kitchen, that they have a business license, and that they have the proper certifications to produce, make, sell, and distribute jerky. After verifying their details, our team of passionate jerky experts sample and independently test the products. Once they have the Craft Jerky Co team seal of approval, we do a trial run with our subscribers and get their feedback. It's a lengthy process and a lot of hard work, but the end result is an unbeatable gourmet jerky experience every month.


Have questions for us? Read our Frequently Asked Questions page or get in touch by emailing us at support@craftjerkyco.com