Can You Jerky That? πŸ€”

In the wonderful, weird world of food preservation, there is one cured snack that stands head and haunches above the rest: jerky. In modern days, we're used to deliciously crafted meats in a variety of flavors: teriyaki, barbecue, smoked pepper. But the longstanding tradition of food preservation is a tale as old as time.

If you missed our History of Jerky, here's a quick recap: in lieu of refrigeration, indigenous peoples around the world developed methods of food- preservation, based on culture, climate, and environment. These practices have continued to evolve in modern day β€” two excellent examples of refrigerated preservation include dehydrating and pickling foods for later consumption.

Can you jerky that?

Technically, you can dehydrate pretty much everything, but that doesn't mean everything is worthy of the Jerky title. We at Craft Jerky Co wanted to ask a follow-up question: Can You Jerky That?Β  So we've weighed in on this vital question β€” sound off in the comments if you agree!

1. Pork

While certainly not as common as its beef-based counterpart, pork is still a 100% jerky-worthy meat. And there's so much potential! The ideal slice of this ultra-flavorful cut, comes from a pork tenderloin and is seasoned to perfection.

Verdict: Yes

2. Turkey

If you're looking for a lean on-the-go snack, then turkey jerky is an excellent option. The key to this cure is all in the spice. Turkey tends to work with less natural fat than beef or pork, so our jerky artisans take the extra steps needed to ensure this healthy-protein is packed with bold flavors.

Verdict: Yes, definitely jerky-worthy

3. Jackfruit

Okay, we knew this moment would come. Is jackfruit worthy of the jerky title? While Craft Jerky Co supports our vegan and vegetarian friends, we also are purists when it comes to the world of jerky. We'll have to respectfully decline.

Verdict: A wonderful dehydrated snack, but no β€” jackfruit is not jerky.

4. Watermelon

This is absurd. No. Not jerky. Not even close. We're not haters, watermelon is a great summertime treat! You can dehydrate this fruit, but that doesn't make it jerky. Sorry.

Verdict: Ha! No

5. Chicken

Technically, yesΒ β€” you can jerky chicken. And while there are a few good options out there, if you're gonna go jerky, then you should go with the best.

Verdict: Sure, but it's better fried.

6. Salmon

Another underrated jerky! While fish may not be the first option that comes to mind when we think of jerky, salmon jerky offers a unique taste and is an excellent source of Omega 3.

Verdict: Underrated β€” yes!

7. Seaweed

Can you dehydrate seaweed? Yes. Is it tasty? Sure. Will you be hungry again in 5 minutes? Absolutely.

Verdict: Nope

8. Earthworm

Listen, we understand the trend of using bugs as sources of protein. We're not here to knock any culture that does it. But, while we're in the good old US of A, earthworm technically doesn't need to be on the menu unless we're in a survival scenario. Earthworms just eat dirt. We see you, earthworm jerky, and we are going to label you "for adventurous eaters only".

Verdict: I guess technically.. we'll categorize this one as "Adventurous".

9. Deer

This one is tricky. Deer is a "wild game" animal. And while it is a delicious jerky-option, there are some rules in place about distribution. Here at Craft Jerky Co we're committed to bringing our customers the highest quality meats. Wild game is a bit more difficult to measure, so we'll stick with the other options in our premium monthly box.

Verdict: Yes, but it's complicated

10. Beef

This is a no-brainer. Beef is a common, incredibly delicious, jerky-able meat. The key to this classic is quality. Craft Jerky Co delivers premium meat at a variety of delicious flavors, every month. These curated beefy snacks will never disappoint.

Verdict: YES, a jerky classic

a variety of different types of jerky

While there are many options when it comes to jerky, one thing you never want to guess is the quality of ingredients. At Craft Jerky Co, we curate premium, artisanal meats every month, delivered right to your door. To find your perfect monthly box, visit our subscription page β€” we'll handle all the jerky guesswork, so all you have to do is enjoy.