Pick Your Favorite Jerky Flavor, And We'll Share Your Perfect Post-Pandemic Vacation

After a year indoors, we're ready — and I mean, ready — to get out and see the world! But when there is so much beautiful earth to explore, how could we possibly make a decision on where to travel next? Berlin — Hong Kong — Buenos Aires? There are too many choices, and too little time.

Having said that, we're here to make your decision a little easier. We've done the legwork and found the best places to visit in your spare time. Simply tell us your favorite jerky flavor, and we'll tell you where to go on your next vacation!

If you love teriyaki jerky ... then book a flight to Maui, Hawaii

While this sweet, sweet sauce is often associated with Japanese culture, teriyaki doesn't actually exist in Japan. Instead, it's a beautiful hybrid born in Hawaii, when Japanese newcomers blended their existing soy sauce and spices with local foods — like pineapple and brown sugar — to create a new marinade.

If you're a teriyaki jerky fan, then you love to slow down and enjoy the sweetness of life. There's no better place to lay on a beach, catch some rays, and sip the perfect cocktail than the beaches of Hawaii. Just make sure to pack some jerky for your day in the sun!

If you love black peppered jerky... then backpack through Sapa, Vietnam

While pepper is a spice commonly enjoyed across the globe, the highest export of this staple is Vietnam. Over 160,000 tons are shipped out from this country every single year — and for good reason, these peppercorns pack a satisfying (yet subtle) punch that help bring out the flavor in any dish — including your favorite meats.

For peppered jerky lovers, you know the importance of tradition. Hiking through the mountains of Sapa, Vietnam is the perfect way to reconnect with nature, experience a new culture first hand, and have a life-changing experience.

If you love garlic jerky... then it's time to explore Mumbai, India

Garlic isn't measured with a spoon, it's measured with the heart. Any recipe that says otherwise is lying. If any country knows about heart, it's India. With rich cultural customs — including the common practice of yoga — the work of aligning body, mind, and soul is felt deeply throughout these traditions. Including garlic, a spice with major health benefits including lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

So pack your artisanal jerky into that carry on, and hop on a flight to Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) — the gateway to India.

If you love habanero jerky ... then you must go dancing in Havana, Cuba

This spicy little pepper was named after the famous Cuban city, La Habana — known in the United States as Havana. Filled with eclectic architecture, delicious cuisine, and live music you can't help but dance to — his city is as bold in flavor as the pepper named in its honor.

If your favorite jerky is habanero, then you enjoy living life to its absolute fullest, and the excitement of this island will be a perfect fit for your adventurous life.

If you love sweet & spicy jerky ... then hop a plane to Johannesburg, South Africa

You believe that differences are what make us unique, and believe in finding beauty in the contradictions. Sweet and spicy are two opposites that complement each other perfectly. And while many cities across the world have rich history, Johannesburg is one that is embracing its roots, acknowledging it's painful past, and moving toward the future with optimism.

The blend of sweet and spicy is a vibrant, bold flavor indeed. If this is your go-to jerky choice, than your ideal post-pandemic travel is exploring the vast culture of South Africa.

And if you're a world traveler who can't get enough variety in your life, you're in luck! Our monthly beef jerky subscription let's you try a variety of different flavors and brands every month, so you can add as many flavors to your life as stamps to your passport. Bon voyage!