The Art of Snacking: 5 Recipes for Your Craft Jerky Box

Artisanal jerky is more than just a snack. Sure it's the perfectly portable protein to hit your fitness goals on-the-go. And yes, it is a tasty way to refuel on your summer hike. But there are so many more ways to get creative with this meat. And we'll prove it to you! Check out these five simple recipes to reimagine your craft jerky subscription box!

baja jerky lime and serrano pepper

Top Off Your Salad

It's farmer's market season, which means that fresh veggies are just a short walk (and large tote bag) away. There are so many options for getting creative with those delicious seasonal salads. But let's be honest, we've got to figure out a way to liven up that kale (yeah, it's a superfood, but does anyone actually like this cruciferous plant?)

You know what everyone loves? Jerky! And fortunately, this protein-packed powerhouse is the perfect way to take your salad from drab to fab. Forget the overly processed bacon bits, just chop up some of Craft Jerky Co's finest dried meats, for the perfect topping to your summer greens.

An Egg-celent Addition

If you're staying strong with your Keto commitment, then you're always looking for ways to hit those fat and protein goals. But dealing with the same hard-boiled breakfast gets old really quickly. Fortunately, you can stay on track with your nutrition and keep variety in your morning meals. Whether sautéed into your southwestern omelette or the finishing touch on that freshly baked quiche, the jerky-egg combo is a delicious way to hit your macros for the day.

Jerky Fried Rice

Okay — hear us out on this one. It seems like an unlikely combo, but hey! Opposites attract. And that is certainly the case with this pairing. Season your fried rice as you'd typically do — but opt to add a little meaty treat to the dish. And while every flavor won't seamlessly blend to this palette, options like teriyaki or peppered jerky will add a kick of flavor you can't resist.

jerky and ingredients

Perfect Your Pasta

Forget the meatballs, a smoked jerky is your new pasta add-in. Bring that tomato sauce to a light simmer, and then stir in this perfect protein. But patience is key with this process! You'll want to give the meat time to fully absorb the sauces — but trust us, it's a meal absolutely worth waiting for.

Complete that Charcuterie Board

Cured meat and cheese are the power couple of summertime. When in doubt, grab some brie and spread out your picnic blanket for the perfect afternoon. But when you've taste tested every salami-prosciutto-sopressata combination in the book, rest assured. Craft Jerky Co has you covered — with curated subscription boxes, you'll have a variety of meat to pair with those cheeses every single month.


So now that you know the versatility of this practically perfect snack — why not find ways to add this protein to your meal plan! With Craft Jerky Co's curated monthly beef jerky subscription box, you can add small-batch, artisanal meats to your recipe book. Check out our plans here, to find the best one for you.